On this page you will find documents, maps and reports related to the Somenos ecosystem.

Ecosystem Reports

Wild Fins Salmon and Trout in the Somenos Watershed 2018

Investigation of Anomalous Hydrology in Somenos Creek and an Assessment of Effects from Beaver Dams Near the Confluence with the Cowichan River 2018

Observations on the Effect of Beaver Dams on Water Quality in Somenos Creek and Somenos Lake 2018

Parrot's Feather Somenos Creek Aerial Drone Survey Video Feb 2016

Somenos Marsh Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) Site Summary

Beverly Street Wetland Restoration 2017

Somenos Garry Oak Ecosystem Mapping and Management Plan 2003

Somenos Lake Enhancement Study 1986

Riparian Vegetation Survey of Somenos Creek 2017

Restoring Wetlands in the Somenos Basin 2012

Water Quality and Stream Invertebrate Assessments for Richards Creek 2008-2015

Crofton Lake and Richards Creek Habitat Study 2008

Final Report for Richards Creek Habitat Study 2008/2009

Water Quality Monitoring in the Somenos Basin 2003-2005

Somenos Lake Watershed Monitoring 2007-2010


Richards and Somenos Creek Dredging 1983

Richards Creek Flood Assessment 2005

Somenos Basin Stormwater Management 2013


Game of Fish Populations of the Cowichan River 1949

Standing Crop and Habitat Characteristics of Juvenile Salmonids at Sites in the Cowichan River System

The Somenos - Quamichan Watershed Atlas and Fish Production Plan

Emigration of the Peamouth Chub Across a Dilute Seawater Bridge, Zoogeographic Study 1973

Somenos Marsh Coho Salmon Summer Habitat Assessment 2015

Somenos Basin Coho Salmon Summer Habitat Assessment 2016

Somenos-Richards Creek Fish Survey 1982

Somenos Lake Fish Survey 1954

Somenos Lake Fish Survey 1972

Somenos Lake Fish Survey 1980


UK Emigration Report - Cowichan Valley 1860

maps and charts

Map of Cowichan Valley and Chemainus 1860

Somenos Lake Bathymetry 1972

Somenos Lake Bathymetry 1977

Somenos Lake Bathymetry 1980

Somenos Watershed Map 2018


Beverly Wetland Restoration Design 2015

Beverly Westland Restoration - Ecosystem Services In Action

Beverly Wetland Restoration - Species

Coho in Somenos 2016

Cowichan Valley Water Quality Sampling Summer 2018

Fish in the Somenos Basin 2018

Parrot’s Feather in Somenos Creek 2018

Somenos Basin Salmonid Summer Habitat Assessment 2015

Somenos Creek Habitat Restoration

Somenos Creek Habitat Restoration Salmon Species

Society Documents

Society Bylaws - Updated April 2018

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Somenos Management Plan 2001


brochure and rack cards

Invasive Species Rack Card

Somenos Marsh Conservation Area Visitors Guide