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Somenos Marsh

Wildlife Society

stewards of the s’amuna’/somenos conservation area


Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society


About Us

Somenos Marsh is a wonderful wild area on southern Vancouver Island fringing both the Duncan and North Cowichan urban areas. In 1988 the BC Ministry of Environment identified Somenos as “one of the best places to view wildlife close to an urban centre”.  In 2000 Somenos Marsh achieved a special designation when Bird Life International recognized Somenos Marsh as a ‘globally significant’ Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA).

Somenos Marsh has a long and rich history. Waterfowl travelling the Pacific Flyway, as well as resident wildlife, have used Somenos for overwintering and food for time immemorial. Archaeological evidence within the Conservation Area prove that the Cowichan people have occupied the lands in and around Somenos Marsh for at least 4,000 years. The Cowichan people tell us that they have been here since time immemorial (learn more). The fertile lowland known locally as ‘Somenos Flats” has been drained and farmed since the earliest European settlers found their way to the Cowichan Valley.



How Can You Help?

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Becoming a member is one way to help provide core financial support for our work and objectives. Membership numbers are always valuable when advocating for the Marsh; they also provide the core volunteers a sense of support for our efforts. Fill out our membership form here.


Financial and in kind support is always appreciated for our many restoration and research projects and to support the continued employment of our Program Manager and Ecosystem Scientist. We have several projects on the go including ecological restoration work, research, and new wildlife viewing infrastructure construction. Please fill out our donation form to support our efforts.




We have a place for every type of skill or for people wanting to learn new skills and meet new people. Fill out our volunteer form to find out about volunteer opportunities available with the SMWS. We will add you to our volunteer email list so you will hear about exciting and important volunteer opportunities.

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What’s New?

Check this space regularly for announcements, event notices and other current happenings. Please also follow our social media pages to keep up to date with the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society!

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We Would Love to Hear from You

Thank you for your interest in the treasure that is the Somenos Marsh. Drop us a line so we can work together for its protection.